Monday, February 17, 2014

March/April Knit & Crochet Alongs

First, as we're in the middle of the Winter Olympics, here is our store Olympic Knit-Along! I've been very pleased with the results, and just love how warm they are. This winter makes me appreciate warmth and knitting/crochet projects so very much.

Thrummed Mittens! Thrums come from "scrap" roving or animal fleece, and is used doubled with certain stitches (the ends are left hanging on the inside of the mitten) to give extra warmth as the fleece will additionally felt and become warmer over time.

Prizes will be awarded to those who finish before the closing ceremonies, although I haven't decided on the prizes yet. You can bet there will be something with chocolate as I seem to interminably be in the mood.


I LOVE bags. And these cute felted bags are no exception!

Knit bag "A Petite Felted Bag" by Ann Lim. And, huge surprise, NO MODIFICATIONS by me!! You may want to think about joining our March 8 class "Circular Knitting Workshop" if you are a bit shy about working in the round from 8 stitches and increasing, but other than that, a super great and quick knit!

Crochet bag "I Felt the Earth Move Handbag" by Letitia Sherriff is also great, except I made quite a few modifications. So here you go. And if you want additional help, there's a class offered for that on March 1 at 10:30.

Here is the bag with no modifications. I feel like it's a big shoe and the hole on top is too small. A good rule to remember when felting: if it looks like it will be shoe-ish before you felt, it will still look like a shoe after you felt. Felting just makes it smaller.

And here is a small version of the bag where I added my comments for change on the bottom of the linked ravelry page.

And here is my favorite, a larger version of the bag where I also added my comments for change on the bottom of the linked ravelry page.

Choose whichever you prefer! I have approximate yarn used also listed on those pages.


 Have you ever wanted to try a sweater? Sometimes the best way to try is to do a mini size! Give these baby cardigans a try! There are classes for both if you want a little extra help! Knit: April 12 from 1-3pm. Crochet: April 12 from 10:30-12:30.

Knit Along: "Coffee Bean Cardigan" by Elizabeth Smith. So Cute!

Crochet Along: "Mini Moogly Sweater" by Tamara Kelly. Let me tell you, these make my ovaries ping, lol!

That's it for now! As always, you can contact us by phone (563-332-7378) or our Facebook page. And if you want to know what's going on with us personally, that's a pretty good place to see photos and get updates, too :)