Monday, September 17, 2012

Small Beginnings

For those of you who like stories, this blog might be for you.

I am a small business owner of a Local Yarn Shop which opened in January of 2012. In March I gave birth to our first child... which means that I am in charge of not only trying to get a small business off the ground, but trying to raise a child at the same time. Miles, my son, is with me every day at the shop, where I attempt to discretely breastfeed him in between helping customers, winding yarn, and placing orders with vendors. Most days, I am at the shop from 9am to 8:15pm. And no, he does not usually sleep on the shelves....

My husband makes the shop furniture, a venture he had never tried until this year. It works better and worse than we thought. Better: I can't buy more yarn for the store until I have the next finished piece. It keeps me from overspending and having too much yarn in our small "storage" space (also known as "Miles' apartment" since he sleeps back there). Worse: since all of these furniture pieces are hand-crafted, stained, and finished, it takes FOREVER. My husband is a champ.

 We are learning so many things, trying so many things... right now, it's just a strange balance between getting enough sleep, and trying to make sure everything just keeps going...

Welcome to my yarn shop.

Welcome to my life.
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  1. Joy, You are the BEST! Your store is a sanctuary for some of us, Miles ALWAYS makes us smile and laugh, and the yarn is always YUMMY! Can't get much better than this!