Monday, October 29, 2012

39 minutes, 3 things.

I had 39 minutes when I started this post. 39 minutes to knit, write a blog, put away groceries, and pray that Miles would continue to sleep the whole time. See the problem with this plan? I didn't...

So I took a couple pictures of my sweater, keeping my eye on the baby monitor...

Then while I put away groceries, I simultaneously emptied the dishwasher, checked the roast, and ate fruit snacks. Yeah, a roast and fruit snacks. That's how I roll.

Checked the baby monitor and took another picture of the sweater while wearing it. Looks good to me!

Sat down and started writing this post, when it occurred to me that those 39 minutes? There are 18 of them left. And then I thought; "well, that's not a whole lot different than the rest of my day." So I thought I would share my small secrets of how things keep running in my life.

Rules for People who are Too Busy:

1. Do the next thing. See that huge list over there? Ignore it. It will overwhelm you, frustrate you, and cause you to sit down and cry. Or wait, that could be what it does to me... By keeping focused on the task at hand and looking ahead to ONE other thing at a time, I remain productive and positive. Will I accomplish everything? Of course not. But obsessing about my to-do list won't get any of them done.

2. Smile. Sing. Make stupid jokes. Consciously stubbornly making my behavior positive actually keeps my behavior positive. And it keeps Miles happy, too, which in turn makes me happier. Win-win.

3. Believing we're a part of something bigger than the immediate task at hand. When I get caught up in how mundane and pointless something like sweeping the floor is, I lose track of the beautiful picture of my life. I am pleased to keep my home clean so that our son will stay healthier. I am pleased that cleaning is something I can do so that my husband won't have to, and in turn we can spend time together doing something more enjoyable. Like a walk outside.

These simple ideas may not be much, but it helps me get through the mundane moments. It reminds me that there is, indeed, purpose beyond myself. And if I can focus enough to just keep doing those dishes.... cleaning that floor.... making dinner.... life will keep moving, and in doing so, time will reveal greater purpose.

Hang in there. And if you need knitting or crochet encouragement, please email, call, or visit our website or facebook.

3 minutes to go...



  1. Well used 39 minutes! i probably would have said subconsciously, well I'll never get that all done, so I'll just check facebook obsessively :-)

  2. I like your positive attitude while doing the mundane chores...
    I also use a similar 'technique'... an attitude of gratitude! I think to myself how grateful I am to HAVE a house to clean... when so many in this world are homeless, living in refugee tent camps, public shelters, or on the street. I am grateful I have floors to mop, windows to wash, clothes to launder, toilets to scrub! It means that I don't live in a grass hut with a dirt floor, I have shelter from the storms, I don't have to wash my clothes on a rock in a river, and don't have to carry a chamber pot outside! I am grateful I have food from around the world so easily purchased at a nearby grocery store, and a microwave and oven/stove with which to prepare them! I am sooo grateful, and soooo blessed. The attitude of gratitude makes me aware of all my many blessings and the need to share with those less fortunate!